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Prof. Agnis Stibe, Ph.D. (Schöller Fellow)

Agnis Stibe is a social engineer at the MIT Media Lab and Professor of Transformational Sociotech Design at ESLSCA Business School Paris. In his recent TEDx talk, Dr. Stibe envisions future persuasive cities that encourage healthy and sustainable routines. His research is built upon socio-psychological theories to design Socially Influencing Systems (SIS) for health behavior change at scale. Dr. Stibe frequently speaks at conferences and effectively collaborates with industry. He has worked for a number of multinational companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, and First Data. Dr. Stibe has twice been recognized from the Minister of Education and Science for his long-term creative work. He holds a master’s degree in computer science, an MBA, and a PhD on SIS.


Nuremberg – a Persuasive City for Sustainable Wellbeing and Innovation

Quality of life in Nuremberg can be improved through reshaping and advancing urban spaces with seamless persuasive and socially influencing strategies, thus empowering communities to succeed in achieving sustainable wellbeing. This project aims at helping people to acquire healthy and resource-efficient everyday routines through persuasive urban interventions that facilitate societal changes at scale. The project seeks to create socially engaging environments supporting wellbeing and innovation through reshaping behavioral patterns, intelligent outdoor sensing, interactive public feedback channels, designing responsive neighborhoods, and fostering adoption of novel experiences in Nuremberg.